TV watching

I don’t watch TV a lot these days.  I don’t care to be fed junk food for the brain. 


Writing is writing…

…even if it’s not producing pages to a novel. Been working on editing a strategic plan for work and I’m still journaling fairly often (although I wrote 5 and a half pages today to make up for not writing Tuesday-Friday 🙂 ).

Even with retirement eligibility just 10 months away, I’m taking it one day at a time. Just trying to have a good day every day. I’ll get to the novel when I get to the novel.

So my body of work at the end of my life might be journals but maybe it’s better than leaving nothing behind for others.


Whom do you believe???

So I’ve been pretty preoccupied lately with what’s going on at my job. Total creativity killer but at least I’ve been spending my uninspired off time learning new songs on the guitar.

Here’s what I’ve been dealing with…with the names and events tweaked to protect the insane.

One of our supervisors has a history (and certainly a reputation) for telling corny jokes. I’ve even talked to him about his corny jokes and how it offends some people. It’s all in the delivery, I tell him.

All last year he’s been doing so well but then a new guy transfers into the office. Bart. He’s a union guy and he wants to make a name for himself. He’s got Ben pegged as a problem supervisor because of his history of telling corny jokes. Never been written up for telling these jokes but again…the REPUTATION. It’s there. There are a couple of employees that still hold it against him and they’ve told this union guy about him. The union guy, Bart, tells a guy at the other store (before he even transferred to my store) that he was going to bring Ben to his knees and straighten his ass out!

Little does Bart know that Ben is friends with a guy at Bart’s old store…the same guy Bart was talking to about bringing Ben to his knees. Ben’s buddy calls him up and gives him a heads up about the kind of guy heading to our store.

Fast forward 6 months and Ben is facing charges of telling corny jokes. But here’s the thing. Who are we supposed to believe? Ben, who has a history of telling corny jokes but had been improving since 2014, or are we supposed to believe two other employees who filed charges…both employees having integrity issues in the past. One of them was even written up in 2013 for filing a false report.



My Week in Writing 10/8/16

Didn’t do any fiction writing whatsoever but I wrote enough memos and emails at work that some could be used to cobble together an interesting…no, ridiculous story. We got a new union steward at work who forgets what his real job is. He’s targeting a supervisor so he’s hyper sensitive to anything the guy says or does. He’ll come to me with allegations with absolutely no proof and propose remedies that are so outlandish that I either deny them or they’re above my pay grade so I can’t agree to them anyway.

24 years without union issues. I guess it was inevitable. Ha ha!!

I still track story ideas though. I use Evernote to capture them. Even if it’s a line of dialogue I’ll insert it into my Story Ideas box. One of these days (God-willing) I’ll be able to dig into the box and make stories out of some of those ideas. Of course there are some first and second drafts of works that I need to go in and repair. I love those first drafts of stories–collections of thoughts strung together chronologically into some kind of wild horse that has potential. But you have to break those wild horses…and a lot of times you fall hard during the process.

Maybe when the dust settles with all this union crap I can have some brainpower remaining at the end of the workday so I can do some good horse breaking!

Long Week

Not really a long week but several LOOOOONG weeks all strung together. My writing has been limited. Hit my handwritten journal a couple of times. Very little updates to the life story e-version. Work has taken so much of my time.

I’ve come to realize that I want to get to a point in my life, even if it’s just for a little while, where I don’t have to think about security, unions, selections, operational strategies, meetings, VIP visits, community meetings.

I just want to be.

My Week in Writing 9/17/2016

This past week was all about journaling–tons of journaling.

For one project I’m writing a life story of sorts…my own that is. Doing the life story on my laptop.

I’m also keeping a journal for my kids to have later on. These handwritten journal entries are just for them. Tonight I wrote 7 pages detailing the birth of my son, from my call at work to let me know “it’s about that time” to me carrying him down the hospital corridors to the ICU.

My other journal is a day-to-day chronicle of my life at this moment.

In the world of fiction….not much happened. I did capture a couple of story ideas. There’s actually one premise that I’m actually kind of excited about.

You can say this week I just wrote because I like to write. Guess that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it?