My Week in Writing 9/17/2016

This past week was all about journaling–tons of journaling.

For one project I’m writing a life story of sorts…my own that is. Doing the life story on my laptop.

I’m also keeping a journal for my kids to have later on. These handwritten journal entries are just for them. Tonight I wrote 7 pages detailing the birth of my son, from my call at work to let me know “it’s about that time” to me carrying him down the hospital corridors to the ICU.

My other journal is a day-to-day chronicle of my life at this moment.

In the world of fiction….not much happened. I did capture a couple of story ideas. There’s actually one premise that I’m actually kind of excited about.

You can say this week I just wrote because I like to write. Guess that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it?



2 thoughts on “My Week in Writing 9/17/2016

  1. What an awesome idea – chronicling the story of life, in hand-written journals, for your children! What a blessing these will be! (I might have to “borrow” this rather bright ‘light bulb’ of yours…)

    1. Yes absolutely. That’s one thing I realized about writers. They achieve a sort of immortality especially if they leave words and notes for their friends and family. Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture is a prime example of always being able to speak even after his passing. I’m trying to get my parents to do a little writing to capture their thoughts and little scenes of their life from childhood to adulthood. I wish my grandparents would’ve done something like that.

      My dad’s brother wrote letters from Europe during WWII and when they were found last year after my aunt’s passing, it was so interesting to hear his words and see some of what he was going through during that time in Italy.

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