John Southcross
From Texas
Lived in Virginia for a while
Now back in Texas

Although this isn’t the first novel I’ve ever written (I’ve written two others), this is my first attempt at publishing. It is available online at the Amazon Kindle store. Please check out:


Okay, changing what this blog is about.

My writing career has continued to be off and on…and off and on again. Strange that it has been like this for so many years. At 47 I’m nearing the end of my “real” career and just might be able to dedicate WAY more time to writing. That’s the dream anyway.

But I’ve spent months and sometimes years between my (what I now call) spurts of writing activity. Can’t even keep up with a damn blog. So you know what? “All that is going to change,” said the guy who can’t stay focused on much of anything these days.

So this isn’t an adventure in novel writing. It’s an adventure in just staying the damn course.


5 thoughts on “About

    1. I think I’ve come to a point in my life (unfortunately it is a bit late) where I’m starting to feel and hear the clock ticking. Trying to leave as many thoughts and words behind as I can!

      Thanks for the support Millie.

  1. Just remember, sometimes courses need to be altered in order to safe one’s life! Don’t insist on rigidity! Give yourself the freedom to be flexible, and by all means, do not set out with the intent to hunt yourself down! (As I write this to you, I know in my heart of hearts, I’m whispering it to myself…)
    You’ve got this – and by “you’ve got this” I mean you’ve got the “writing illness”, and thus no matter how far you stray, no matter how many hours, days, weeks, months, and/or years you deny that creative itch nestled deep between your left and right ears, it’ll sprout vines and tendrils that you will find undeniable, and then, surrender is all you have, my friend! Enjoy it! Relish in it! Because it IS you – and that is a humbling, awe-inspiring thing…

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