Whom do you believe???

So I’ve been pretty preoccupied lately with what’s going on at my job. Total creativity killer but at least I’ve been spending my uninspired off time learning new songs on the guitar.

Here’s what I’ve been dealing with…with the names and events tweaked to protect the insane.

One of our supervisors has a history (and certainly a reputation) for telling corny jokes. I’ve even talked to him about his corny jokes and how it offends some people. It’s all in the delivery, I tell him.

All last year he’s been doing so well but then a new guy transfers into the office. Bart. He’s a union guy and he wants to make a name for himself. He’s got Ben pegged as a problem supervisor because of his history of telling corny jokes. Never been written up for telling these jokes but again…the REPUTATION. It’s there. There are a couple of employees that still hold it against him and they’ve told this union guy about him. The union guy, Bart, tells a guy at the other store (before he even transferred to my store) that he was going to bring Ben to his knees and straighten his ass out!

Little does Bart know that Ben is friends with a guy at Bart’s old store…the same guy Bart was talking to about bringing Ben to his knees. Ben’s buddy calls him up and gives him a heads up about the kind of guy heading to our store.

Fast forward 6 months and Ben is facing charges of telling corny jokes. But here’s the thing. Who are we supposed to believe? Ben, who has a history of telling corny jokes but had been improving since 2014, or are we supposed to believe two other employees who filed charges…both employees having integrity issues in the past. One of them was even written up in 2013 for filing a false report.




One thought on “Whom do you believe???

  1. glad you’re back to writing, even if it’s only to share what’s been going on at work! I can totally empathize! not that we have “union guys” here – at all! – but the newest hire DID ask the managing partner if the company has good liability insurance, referring to the supervisory manager… “Corny jokes”, inappropriate language, harassing and intimidating workplace environment – it all exists here because of the supervisory manager. And the managing partner’s response? “Well, I’ve talked with him about it, and he is who he is, so don’t expect him to change.” ummm, wrong answer! I guess he’ll change his tune when someone files a lawsuit that bankrupts the company!

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