My Week in Writing 10/8/16

Didn’t do any fiction writing whatsoever but I wrote enough memos and emails at work that some could be used to cobble together an interesting…no, ridiculous story. We got a new union steward at work who forgets what his real job is. He’s targeting a supervisor so he’s hyper sensitive to anything the guy says or does. He’ll come to me with allegations with absolutely no proof and propose remedies that are so outlandish that I either deny them or they’re above my pay grade so I can’t agree to them anyway.

24 years without union issues. I guess it was inevitable. Ha ha!!

I still track story ideas though. I use Evernote to capture them. Even if it’s a line of dialogue I’ll insert it into my Story Ideas box. One of these days (God-willing) I’ll be able to dig into the box and make stories out of some of those ideas. Of course there are some first and second drafts of works that I need to go in and repair. I love those first drafts of stories–collections of thoughts strung together chronologically into some kind of wild horse that has potential. But you have to break those wild horses…and a lot of times you fall hard during the process.

Maybe when the dust settles with all this union crap I can have some brainpower remaining at the end of the workday so I can do some good horse breaking!


3 thoughts on “My Week in Writing 10/8/16

  1. hang in there! keep good notes! (if it’s any consolation, I haven’t worked on my fiction pieces in YEARS – but I have ‘notes’, waiting for my schedule to free up and for me to give them the proper attention due them…) it’ll happen, in due time; it’ll happen!

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