Long Week

Not really a long week but several LOOOOONG weeks all strung together. My writing has been limited. Hit my handwritten journal a couple of times. Very little updates to the life story e-version. Work has taken so much of my time.

I’ve come to realize that I want to get to a point in my life, even if it’s just for a little while, where I don’t have to think about security, unions, selections, operational strategies, meetings, VIP visits, community meetings.

I just want to be.


3 thoughts on “Long Week

  1. you’re singing my song, sir!! to forego the discordant shrieking of the dreaded alarm clock to be awakened by filtered sunlight and the melodies of the birds instead! to spend the day with the opportunity to create, or to simply breathe in and enjoy creation, instead of being burdened with caring for and shouldering the weight of someone else’s ego at the expense of your own will to live… I hope you find that peace – and that piece of space – where you can just “BE”!

  2. You can be more than you are now. You have to change the state of play. Make an exit strategy (a reasonable one) and start executing…the plan, I mean. Not the people you work with 😝

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