I don’t know what the mystery is behind it but some of my best ideas for stories or music come right within the first minute or two of waking up in the morning. It never happens most mornings when the blaring alarm wakes me up. I just hit the alarm clock and roll out of bed for work. If I’m lucky, though, and this usually happens on the weekends, I can just stay in bed for a few minutes after waking up on my own. In these instances my mind allows itself to get creative and just roam free. And in that short transition period the good stuff rises to the surface.

The challenge has always been for me to capture that good stuff, especially when the good stuff is music. Music is the hard one because sometimes I’m just too lazy to get up, grab a guitar and hit record. But on the rare occasion that a cool story premise comes to mind, I just grab the iphone and punch in the idea, saving it to my Notes app.

Got a good one this morning…or it seemed good as I was still half asleep. Short story…fantasy. Working title is “Aunt Jamaica.” We’ll see what happens but this one whole story came together within a few minutes, beginning to end. That’s freakin rare.

And now to bring the idea to life in words…


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