The Elusive Masturbatory Word

That title should say it all. Had a reader (THANKS!!!) ping me about a couple of errors found in my latest release, The Harvest Part 1. I’m embarrassed to say the least but appreciative that someone cared enough to point these things out.

I had spelled elusive “allusive,” which is an actual word, just not the right one for the story 🙂

And I have mixed feelings about “masturbatory” which I’d also misspelled. As much as I’d like to blame inexperience with the word or the activity, I quite possibly might have my own wing in the Hall of Fame. All the more reason I should’ve spelled this correctly 😛

I think that’s why it’s so important to have people review your work before releasing it. I’ve read my work dozens and dozens of times and I’m thinking now that after the first or second read through, perhaps I begin to just skim instead of taking it slow, one sentence at a time. Part of it is my A.D.D. (self-diagnosed but I do hit most of the symptoms on the list) and my impatience to just want to hurry up and share the story. Need to learn patience.

Thank you, Yeiring.


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