I Am A Paid Author

If someone pays you for your story, you are a paid author. Doesn’t necessarily mean you can quit your day job (I certainly can’t) but a few months ago I did accomplish a goal I had set out to do years ago. I’m finally admitting this because I think I’ve been stuck on the fact that my novel hasn’t been a runaway success…ha ha (not that I was expecting it to be, especially being hidden among millions of other books on Amazon) but after having the book on Smashwords for a couple of weeks, the book is actually moving. I need to focus on the positive, that’s for sure. Although I’m nowhere near able to do this for a living, it does feel good knowing that people are downloading my work. I hope I’m making a connection with them. That’s one of the things I always think about while I’m writing.

Although my stories are things that I’d like to read, I do wonder how my audience will react. Will they believe the story? Will they be willing to suspend their disbelief for me while they go on this ride I’ve created? Will the story stay in their heads for a while when it’s all over or will they think they’ve just wasted their time?

I’m really jazzed about the downloads so I’ve been busy tweaking and uploading my collection of short stories that have been on my hard drive–dormant and collecting digital dust. It’s good to be able to share them on Smashwords and having people read my stuff. I imagine people reading them on their commutes or on planes or at home. Either way, I’m really excited about it…

…and grateful.


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