New Short Story

Whenever a mass killing or some other senseless act of violence occurs in this country, I can’t but start questioning my faith. Not so much the existence of God but rather, what his role is. We grew up praying for blessings, for protection, for guidance. We give him thanks for our health and for everything that we have. We pray for those who aren’t as fortunate as us. We pray for the sick so that they can be healed. Since sometimes the people we pray for continue to suffer, I recently started asking God to allow their suffering to count for continued blessings for them and their families and loved ones.

Too many prayers have been answered in my life not to believe in God. I’ve seen too many sunsets and sunrises, among other fascinating things in nature, that also confirms my beliefs. But despite all of this creativity, I can’t help but wonder why such horrendous things continue to happen on this planet. Some of these atrocities have been committed by men of the cloth against innocent children. Are we just some big ass science experiment? Sim-world gone wild? I can’t see how innocent children can become cancer stricken out of the blue yet some psycho is allowed to thrive, get a gun or some other instrument of death, and wield it unabated, slaughtering so many innocents.

These thoughts reminded me of something my wife did a few years ago. She did something to protect others from being harmed. She stepped in and stopped something bad from happening. What she saved were little sea creatures. They weren’t even humans and yet she had compassion.

So what I’m getting at is, if we can’t predict, we should do something to prevent once we know. And although we aren’t all-seeing, can the one who is take steps to prevent the innocents from being harmed?

Anyway, I wrote a short story with this in mind. Needed to get it out of my head. Will post the link later on…or I might just post the story here too. It’s not very long.

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