He knows if you’ve been bad or good…

A few days ago my sentence with KDP Select on Amazon finally expired which meant I could upload my novel to other online e-book retailers. I uploaded to Smashwords and immediately had some sales. That was a pleasant surprise. You can bet I will never use KDP Select ever again. Total waste of time.

So I’ve got the urge to write again and went to writing.com. My favorite forum is the Writer’s Cramp. There you’re given a daily prompt to write to, no more than 1000 words. It can either be prose or poetry. I’ve won the daily a few times over the years but hadn’t “played” since 2010. Lots of fun.

I wrote a short story this morning based on the prompt and entered it. When I was finished I read a couple of other entries and they were really, really good. The competition has definitely improved! Good to see people taking their writing seriously. Maybe I need to get back into writing shape.

Below is the link to the story:


—–update a few hours later—–

Definitely need to work on my short story skills.


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