Old projects to work on

With the novel set free to fly on Amazon (although it hasn’t actually taken off yet), I’m able to work on a couple of projects I’ve been putting off for years (literally).

The first project is a story called Transmit Failure, the first few parts available in my writing.com portfolio (http://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/view/jsouthcross). It’s the story of a miner trapped in a facility on Io, one of Jupiter’s moons. The place is buried in volcanic ash but he has the whole facility to himself as everyone else was able to flee before the volcano’s massive eruption.

Well, alone except for a couple of androids. He activates one who repairs and activates another. The trapped miner, Joshua, soon realizes why the androids were left behind.

The second project is actually the second novel I wrote, a story called The Harvest. I wrote it about 2 or 3 years ago and it’s everywhere (meaning, the state of the finished project is “wild animal.” Needs to be tamed.). It’s a science fiction story that takes place on the Moon (mostly) where a massive moon resort has been built. Within the resort is a research facility and within the facility is where humans are grown and their organs harvested.

Christian Hanick is a new cop assigned to the base and when he finds out about the harvesting operation, he wants to bring it to an end. Throw in a couple of evil doctors and a few crooked cops and when they come together….BOOM!! But I’m thinking of turning this into a sort of collection of short stories that all tie together. Not sure how to approach this one but I’m looking forward to working on it again. There are a few characters in this book that I like and throughout the story, I would let them do things on their own, letting them guide the story.

But writing is a lonely job and it takes away from family time. That’s the only issue I have w/ writing. Ha ha, funny how my family doesn’t seem to care if I’m tied up with writing or not even though it bothers me.



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