Day two….

…of selling my novel. It’s been an interesting few hours. Realized that unless you type out “Southcross” or “disintegration” it’s going to be pretty freakin hard to find my book on Amazon. And another thing, my next book WILL NOT be on Amazon’s KDP Select because that doesn’t really do anything for the book at all. If people can’t find it in the first place, how are they going to borrow it, share it, talk about it, etc. but what sucks the most is that I can’t do shit with it for three months, like put it on other e-book stores.Screwed up there.

This is definitely going to be a learning experience 🙂

I do love that there are a few more people reading the blog now.

So far I’ve sold one copy of the novel. Technically I’m now a paid author (LOL).

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