Finally uploaded the novel this morning. Should be available in a day or two (maybe longer. I’ve read about some people having problems with their books appearing in the Kindle Store).

But what a sense of accomplishment.

Should’ve had this baby uploaded weeks ago but my life took a little unexpected turn in March and I struggled with a personal issue for a couple of months before the turbulence ended (for the most part :)). Had some really good help from some really good friends (Thank you so much).

It’s been good to be able to focus on other things again. The last couple of weeks I knew I had to get off my ass and publish. Last week I did very, very light tweaking and formatting for Kindle. This morning I created bookmarks and a table of contents for easier navigating when reading. Also set price ($2.99…WTF, right?) and other things and uploaded. Also enrolled the novel in KDP Select for 90 days.

When Kindle links are available, I’ll post. Not even sure if anyone will buy the darn thing but as long as just ONE person buys it, all the effort to write it will have been worth it.


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