Stay away, Mr. Doubt!!!

I’ve always been running from something when I write, and that something is doubt. As long as I’m writing at a decent pace, I can stay ahead of it. That’s why I’m surprised I’ve been able to stay out front even though I’m just working on stories on the weekends. The last few days, though, I’ve felt that doubt creeping up, telling me my story is stupid,”nobody’s going to care about the characters, nobody’s gonna get past the first chapter (if that far), your cover art is dumb, if you were meant to be a writer it would’ve happened in your twenties and not your forties.”

F*cking doubt….I wanna stomp its guts out!

Although I want to keep the release date in March, I’m thinking I might have to push it back a month.

This is crazy. When do you know your story is ready for the world? I don’t think that’s a question I’ll ever be able to answer for myself.

One thought on “Stay away, Mr. Doubt!!!

  1. You call it doubt, I call it the internal editor. Either way it’s only apparent job is to make anything we do more difficult. I’m glad you can usually out distance doubt, I tend to get very firm with my internal editor and make it go sit in a corner.

    As for your release date. You must ask yourself what is going to be different about my book a month from now? If you can cite necessary revisions and changes that will improve it then it’s a good idea to wait. If you will be still up in the air about releasing it or not, chances are your book is ready and its just your doubt holding you back

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