Getting very close

To my faithful followers (I think the two of you), I’m in the process of the final, final, final edit with my…uh, editor 🙂 Apparently I’m very stingy with my commas and a little greedy with other things but I should have this baby out this month.

Now, how much to charge for the book? I could go the 99 cent route like SO MANY other authors do. I’m not sure how much I will charge for mine seeing it took a year’s worth of weekends to finally finish this thing. For an author to charge 99 cents on Amazon, for example, the royalty is 35%. However, if the author charges between 2.99 and 9.99, the royalties are 70%. I haven’t understood this rationale but I’m sure there’s a very good reason for this. It’s just something us non-business-types don’t get.

For now I’m sending my editor a couple of chapters at a time and we’re up to Chapter 14. I’ll send Chapters 15 and 16 today and that’ll leave us 7 more to go. In the meantime I’ll also finish up a sci-fi short story I wrote a couple of years ago but never finished. It’s the only one I have unfinished and I’ve had it on my mind ever since, the damn thing nagging me “When are you going to finish me up?”

By the way, I’m seriously thinking about making my short stories available for free. People seemed to like them on, which is where they’re sitting on the web right now. But I’d like to get them on people’s e-readers now…along with Disintegration: A Memoir.



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