New path

I have found that my novel needs to take a new path. I think I’m about 1/4 of the way through the second draft and the ‘new’ character that needed to be added (or at least thought needed to be added) also has her own backstory and this will affect the outcome of the story, more than likely. I’ve thought about it for the last couple of weeks and there’s not going to be much of the old novel I’m going to be able to use if I decide to take the new path. That’s almost like starting again from scratch. I’m my own worst critic so I’m thinking about whether the old story is worth saving. My instinct is to scrap it and take the new road but…I’m not sure.

Why bring in this new character? Another good question. One that I’m still contemplating. I’ve already put a face to the character and she’s definitely someone that’s wanting out. She wants to exist.


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